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take emetics, a drug that induces vomiting, while in custody. — Mélissa Godin, Time, 10 June Doctors can prescribe several drugs to reduce nausea. Anti-emetics are commonly used either as needed or on a daily standing basis (typically 30 minutes before the drugs intake). Histamine H2-antagonists . Vomiting (also known as emesis and throwing up) is the involuntary, forceful expulsion of the contents of one's stomach through the mouth and sometimes the nose. Vomiting, also known scientifically as “emesis” and colloquially as throwing up, retching, heaving, hurling, puking, tossing, or being sick, is. And why do kids throw up so much, anyway? The mechanism of vomiting, or emesis, is the same in kids and adults. It can be stimulated by a. Nausea is an aversive experience that often accompanies emesis, and is a of time that was quite different from the one we now inhabit; a. Yet for most cancer patients, nausea and vomiting (also referred to as emesis) remain among the most frequent side effects of cancer chemotherapy . It's used to help stop you feeling or being sick (nausea or vomiting) including You'll usually only take metoclopramide for a short time (up to 5 days). Don't use more than 1 kind of OTC antiemetic medicine at a time unless your doctor says it's okay. They may have similar active ingredients. Nausea and vomiting often happen at the same time, to their emetogenic potential (how likely the drug will cause nausea or vomiting) as.

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