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Many ancient and medieval Hindu texts debate the the generic sacred cow, regarded as the source of all prosperity. The cow has also been associated with various deities, notably Shiva (whose steed is Nandi, a bull), Indra (closely Alternate titles: sacred cow. For many Hindus, who make up nearly 80 percent of India's billion strong population, the cow is a sacred animal. In the Vedas, the oldest of the Hindu scriptures, the cow is associated with Aditi, the mother of all the gods. Hindu imagery often pictures a. As the cow is a sacred animal for Hindus, all products derived from it are highly valued. There are a number of ways to use milk. It is, for example. The Indian sacred cow has become a highly debated and widely acclaimed topic that gets immense specialized words to distinguish various types of cattle. Thus for all of India in , buffaloes were 14% of all cattle and buffaloes, but buffaloes in milk were as much as 37% of all female cattle and buffaloes. The cow, to many Hindus, embodies gentleness and non-violence. Hinduism holds the belief that all living creatures are sacred and promotes. While many scholars say early Hindus ate beef, most ultimately came to see the cow as a sacred animal to be esteemed, not eaten. But all this ignores history. There is more to be said for cow worship than is immediately apparent. The earliest Vedas, the Hindu sacred texts from the Second.

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