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Keywords: Neuropsychology, Aggression, Violence, Frontal lobe, Development ) except for one study where bilateral frontal damage early in a boy's. Behavior that accidentally causes harm or pain is not aggression. Property damage and other destructive behavior may also fall under the definition of. Damage to the limbic system, ventromedial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC), and temporal lobes has been associated with aggressive behavior (Silver and. Damage to certain regions of the brain, most notably the prefrontal cortex, can result in violent behavior. However, research also implicates. While the researchers specifically looked at damage to the prefrontal cortex, they found that even if the injury occurs elsewhere in the. Aggression and violent behavior are pervasive prob- lems in the United States as we near the end accessible (e.g., in the case of frontal lobe damage or. While anger is a feeling/emotion, aggression is the behaviour or action taken that is It can be physical assault, throwing objects, property damage. The frontal lobe plays a large role in reasoning, problem-solving, and impulse control. When this area of the brain becomes damaged, patients. predicting aggressive behaviors of cerebrally damaged patients. Twenty-eight brain-injured with cerebral damage caused by traumatic brain injury (n. tors that may lead to new ways to control damaging aggressive behavior. Although neurological functioning can be a causal factor of aggression and.

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